Wisdom Seal Management Platform
On the basis of "safety", through digital and intelligent technology, help enterprises realize seal life cycle management, and fully strengthen safety and compliance while ensuring efficiency
Intelligent integrated management makes seal management easier

Manage all seals through the platform, establish a company wide seal master data account, record the seal use records of all seals, and keep the documents before, during and after use for future traceability.

Seal life cycle management

Comprehensively improve the ability of risk management and control

Separation of authorized seal and personal seal

The seal is placed in the intelligent seal equipment. Before use, the seal equipment can be started to use the seal after being approved and authorized

Real time monitoring during printing

Through the technology of one cover and one code, the three parties of person, matter and seal can be connected, and the seal can be used only when the person, seal and content are matched.Each seal automatically captures the document at the moment of seal and after seal

Remote seal to reduce the travel of seal administrator

Through the remote control technology of the seal housekeeper, after the seal is taken out, the seal administrator or leader can remotely "remotely control" in real time in the office, such as visiting the site to remotely control the seal cover

Archive and store with post press documents for traceability

When printing, the printing control terminal equipment will automatically take photos of the printing documents, automatically archive and store them in the server, and can be directly accessed in the later view.

Violation warning and whole process record

Illegal use of seals and other automatic alarms can be triggered, and information can be pushed to relevant management personnel.

Seal using trajectory tracking

Record the geographical location of each seal use, track and record the borrowed seal, monitor it in real time on the management platform, and display the use track of the whole process of seal use

Data analysis and early warning

Multi dimensional data analysis, tracking business development, supporting data penetration, helping enterprises find abnormal use of seals in advance and reducing the risk of false seals

Third party system connection, easy connection to OA, ERP, BPM and other systems

If you have used OA or ERP system, Zhang housekeeper can connect with your system to realize single sign on and data synchronization.Complete the seal approval in OA or ERP, synchronize the data to the seal keeper, complete the seal in the seal keeper, and return the sealed image to OA to realize the closed-loop control of the whole process of seal use。

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