Zhangguanjia- 8 measures to protect customers'
information security in an all-round way
Certified by the Safety Inspection Institute of the Ministry of public security
27001:2013 information security management system standard certification
Physical security of computer room

Telecom 5-star computer room: the telecom computer room has higher availability and disaster resistance than the ordinary server room of the enterprise.

Computer room security system: IDC computer room strictly manages the personnel entering and leaving, and is equipped with access control system to strictly verify the identity of the personnel entering, so as to ensure the security of the computer room space.

Security measures for computer room: the data center is equipped with professional security guards 7×Be on duty 24 hours and patrol at any time.The machine room is subject to 24-hour safety monitoring, and all activities in the machine room are recorded by camera.

Alibaba cloud Hangzhou data center.

Network transmission security

Your data communication is encrypted by SSL / TLS, reaching the bank level encryption level. The Zhangguanjia platform uses VeriSign 128 bit mandatory enhanced (EV) server certificate of Symantec (Symantec, the world's leading solution provider in the field of information security) to encrypt the transmitted information.

Alibaba cloud monitor continuously scans the security status of Zhangguanjia platform every day, actively finds various hidden dangers in platform application deployment and notifies Jianye technology.

Through strict network partition and isolation, regular network security scanning and traffic analysis, cooperation with professional security manufacturers and other measures to ensure the safe access of all services.

Disaster recovery measures

To ensure that customer data is never lost and can be 7×24-hour uninterrupted operation, Zhangguanjia leaves encrypted data backup in multiple geographical locations every morning through mutual backup and remote backup of more servers.

Data archiving and export service: the chapter manager system supports batch export of customer data and report output, which can ensure the flexibility of customer data.

Account and password security

The account security system relies on password policy and access control policy to disable weak password and monitor illegal login attempts.

Through the account monitoring platform, monitor and alarm the user's batch attempt to log in to the account with the device. If an attack is found, the IP of the device can be automatically pulled to the blacklist.

File storage security

Printing images are stored using Alibaba cloud's highly reliable professional object storage server OSS.

Secret key authentication and control are adopted to realize the separation of read and write permissions.

Protect your data security through server encryption, anti-theft chain and VPC network isolation.

Authority guarantee

Zhangguanjia relies on major international hardware and strict data security management mechanism to ensure the security and privacy of customer data in terms of management and technology. He has passed ISO27001 information security certification and the certified by the Safety Inspection Institute of the Ministry of public security, so as to better protect the enterprise information security.

Chapter stewards lead the management of advanced insight, take safety as the important priority and strive to create a safe, reliable and resilient platform for users.

Data flow system

Zhangguanjia has formulated a strict and even harsh system for the data use process.Only the technical director of the company can master the production server and business database password.Data maintenance must be performed by the technical director of the company. Other development teams and maintenance teams cannot independently access real customer data.

The databases of each enterprise are independent. Even if the employees of the customer enterprise make serious operation errors, the information of one enterprise will not be transmitted to another enterprise through the Zhangguanjia system.

Zhangguanjia's service purchase contract includes data confidentiality clauses, and Zhangguanjia actively assumes the legal and economic responsibility of confidentiality.

Equipment continuous service capability

Server cluster: the server adopts distributed cluster, and all devices ensure high availability through multiple redundancy and mutual backup.

Automatic patrol of monitoring server: Alibaba cloud monitoring server monitors the environment of chapter manager at any time, circularly checks the condition of each server, finds exceptions in advance and handles them automatically. At the same time, it automatically reminds system maintenance personnel by SMS and e-mail.

BGP high-speed network channel: IDC room adopts BGP line to eliminate north-south access barriers and realize high-speed interconnection of different networks.

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