Energy industry solutions
Energy enterprises generally involve multiple upstream and downstream industries, with branch offices in many places, frequent business and large printing volume.Zhangguanjia helps energy enterprises bring physical seals into intelligent management, realize real feedback and effective management of front-end seal use, better adapt to the management needs of large production scale, and inject new power into digital intelligence for enterprises.
challenges faced by seal management in energy industry
There are many new projects, and the seal is difficult to control
Due to the needs of energy reserves and strategic planning, large energy enterprises need to develop new projects and establish project companies all over the country. Therefore, a large number of relevant seals need to be engraved or destroyed.How to implement compliant and safe seal management for hundreds of project companies has become a difficult problem.
High risk of seal taking out
Energy projects usually have high investment, involve many approval procedures of various government departments, and have a high demand for legal risk control of seal taking.
Low efficiency of contract cross regional approval
There are many employees in energy enterprises, and the plant area, mining area and management organization are relatively scattered.When contract and seal management requires cross departmental and cross regional cooperation, it takes a long time and is inefficient, so it is impossible to accurately and timely transfer business data.
Comprehensive control of branch seals
Chapter housekeeper helps energy enterprises put each ordinary seal into intelligent hardware, turn it into an intelligent seal that can be controlled online and in real time, access the management platform, and realize the integrated management of all branches of the group.For the seals of subsidiaries and project departments, the headquarters can manage the whole life cycle of seals through the seal manager.
Intelligent Collaborative Management of seal number
The seal is under control from application, engraving, use to destruction. The use dynamics and inventory of the seal can be traced and viewed at any time.All seal data are summarized and fully integrated, so that the subsidiary companies can obtain the required information more conveniently, and the decision-making of the headquarters also has data guarantee.
Risk control of seal out
The housekeeper's smart seal is not authorized and cannot be sealed. It is used to record the whole process and upload the platform synchronously.When employees take out the seal, they can only seal the approved documents, which can not be used indiscriminately, and there is no need for the company's expatriates to accompany and supervise.The administrator can synchronously check the seal person, time, place, times and file images.When important documents need to be sealed, the remote seal function of the seal housekeeper allows leaders to operate the seal remotely through smart phones thousands of miles away, just like visiting the site in person.
Remote safe use of seal and convenient approval
The seal keeper ensures the safe use of the seal, so that the group headquarters can safely delegate the seal to the subsidiary companies for self-service use. The contract does not need to be mailed to improve efficiency.Secondly, the application approval process is completed online, which is more convenient. It supports the Legal Affairs Department of the headquarters to strengthen its participation in the contract approval of subsidiaries and effectively prevent legal risks.
scheme advantages
Many energy enterprises operate well
Shaanxi coal group, China Resources Power, Jinfeng technology, TBEA, Jingke power and other world top 500, China top 500 and listed companies have joined hands with Zhangguanjia to open a new intelligent seal management mode.
Rich products to meet the management needs of large groups
Zhangguanjia has rich intelligent terminal products, including intelligent seal, printing workbench and intelligent seal cabinet, which are suitable for seal control in the whole scene.With perfect functions and continuous iteration, the management platform has served more than 1000 large and medium-sized enterprises.
Protect user data privacy and security
Zhangguanjia - seal intelligent management solution has always adhered to the data security declaration: do not touch user data, do not ask for data value, and protect user data privacy and security.Zhang housekeeper's security has been certified by many parties and recognized by users: it has obtained the security protection certification and ISO27001 security certification issued by the Ministry of public security, and has passed the software security test of third-party platforms and large enterprise users.
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