Real estate industry solutions
The real estate industry has the characteristics of long development cycle, large capital scale and rapid market change, and has high requirements for risk control.Zhangguanjia helps real estate enterprises control the key link of seal management, control business risks, support faster and better decision-making and enhance competitiveness.
challenges faced by seal management in real estate industry
The seals of regional companies and project departments are difficult to control
Large real estate groups generally set up multiple urban and regional companies to manage multiple projects at the same time. There are many seals, which are difficult to manage and control, especially for the seals of remote project departments and cooperative projects.
There are many procedures and seals are often taken out
A real estate project, from project initiation, commencement to sales, usually needs to be approved by dozens of departments and institutions, involving hundreds of formalities, and often needs to be carried out with seals.When the seal leaves the management area, it is difficult to supervise the use details of the seal, and expatriates are often required to supervise the use of the seal.
Complex seal management of cooperative projects
When a real estate project involves multiple cooperative units, the approval process is complex and time-consuming in joint management, and there are many interest subjects. How to supervise each contract and document of the project in real time and how to grasp the key nodes have also become a difficult problem.
Effective control of remote seals
The chapter manager loads the traditional seal into the intelligent hardware and realizes online real-time control in combination with the functions provided by the management platform.The group headquarters can access the seal application, seal content, seal person, seal time and place of remote projects at any time through the management platform.
The seal cannot be used without authorization
The smart seal of the seal keeper is not authorized and cannot be sealed. To ensure that the seal is taken out, the seal shall also be used in accordance with the approval opinions.The enterprise does not need the supervision of expatriates to use the seal, and the person who gets the seal cannot use it indiscriminately.The printing process is monitored in real time, and the contents and users of each seal are recorded.Important contracts can be sealed remotely. In the absence of leaders, the contents of documents can be confirmed in real time, and the key step of sealing can be decided remotely.
Risk management seal for cooperation project
The chapter housekeeper management platform supports the multi-layer organizational structure of real estate enterprises and multi-level review and authorization.All partners can approve online, which is convenient and fast.People with multiple permissions can view each use of seal on the management platform, supervise the approval, signing and performance of each contract and document, and control key business nodes.The system provides multi-dimensional statistical reports of seals to provide important decision support for project managers.
scheme advantages
Many real estate enterprises operate well
Many leading real estate enterprises such as Rongsheng holdings, Zhongnan group, Lujin real estate, capital real estate and Xuhui group have fully deployed seal housekeeper to reduce seal risk, simplify seal use process and improve management efficiency.
Rapid response to enhance core competitiveness
With fast application, approval, printing and feedback, Zhangguanjia helps the internal business of real estate enterprises speed up the operation and deal with market competition faster.
The product is mature and has been recognized by many parties
In the field of intelligent seal, Zhang housekeeper's software and hardware products adhere to innovation and continuous iteration, have a number of core patents, and have won many awards, such as Red Star Award, China design intelligent manufacturing award, international industrial design competition product award and so on.
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