Solutions for construction engineering industry
The complexity of seal management of construction enterprises is much higher than that of ordinary enterprises due to the characteristics of cross regional operation, many kinds of contracts and agreements.Zhangguanjia helps construction enterprises change the traditional seal management mode, prevent illegal use of seals and reduce business risks.
challenges faced by seal management in construction industry
There are many kinds and quantities of seals
Large construction enterprises usually need to operate across regions, with many branches and projects, resulting in a wide variety and quantity of enterprise seals.
The seal of the project department is difficult to supervise
The construction period of the project is long, the personnel mobility is large, the use frequency of various seals in the implementation process is very high, it is easy to use seals in violation of regulations, it is difficult to supervise the use, and it is difficult to trace the responsible person in time in case of an accident.
Travel with official seal is required for signing contracts and bidding in other places
The flight seal and official seal are required for bidding and signing in different places, and the seal is at risk of loss and misappropriation.
Complex contractual relationship and high apparent agency risk
The contract amount involved in the engineering industry is high, the relationship between the subject and the law is very complex, and there are many apparent agency disputes, which may cause significant economic losses to the company.
Seal life cycle management
In view of the large variety and quantity of seals, the seal housekeeper helps the construction enterprises to load each ordinary seal into intelligent hardware, turn it into an intelligent seal that can be controlled online and in real time, access the management platform, realize the integrated management of all branches of the group, and build a closed-loop seal intelligent management.
Seal supervision of project department
The seal keeper helps the project department to improve the efficiency of seal use and ensure the compliance of seal use.The management personnel of the headquarters can overview the custody and use of seals online at any time.The seal housekeeper platform can be connected with the third-party system. One platform completes all the approval processes. The contract does not need to be sent to the headquarters. The seal process is monitored in real time, so that the group headquarters can use the seal like the back of the hand.
Remote control outside the seal
Chapter housekeeper ensures that the use of seals in other places is strictly implemented in accordance with the approval opinions.When using the smart seal, the seal cannot be sealed without authorization, and the person seal is separated to ensure safe use.Important contracts can be sealed remotely. The leader can approve them remotely in real time. After authorization, they will be sealed automatically. The seal holder has no right to use them at will.
Seal management of bidding documents
Aiming at the problems of large printing volume and difficult control of bidding documents, the seal tube household printing workbench has the function of infrared monitoring fence and needs to be sealed in the monitoring. Each seal will automatically take high-definition image data and upload it to the platform synchronously to facilitate backtracking.
Strengthen contract approval and prevent tampering
Zhangguanjia helps construction enterprises improve the approval process. Leaders and professionals can complete the approval online, which is convenient and fast to improve the audit quality.Before, during and after sealing, the system will automatically check and verify the documents to find the contract risk in time.
scheme advantages
Many construction enterprises operate well
Many super grade construction enterprises such as CSCEC, China railway construction, China Communications Construction, China Power Construction Road and bridge, China Railway and so on have joined hands with Zhangguanjia to comprehensively upgrade the intelligent management of the seal.
Control the whole process and reduce risks
Prevent the illegal use, misappropriation and theft of seals. There are real-time inspection of safety technology before, during and after sealing, and intelligent early warning of abnormal conditions in seal use and storage.
Improve the information construction of construction enterprises
The chapter housekeeper management platform supports multi-level decentralized management of the group, and can connect with third-party systems such as ERP and OA to realize the closed-loop control of the whole process of printing.
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