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Excellent quality and perfect service
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Provide intelligent seal management solutions to help customers start using seal housekeeper software and hardware services
Assist customers to complete system installation, basic data configuration, intelligent seal installation, and provide complete system training
Renew and expand application services, add smart seals, and create long-term value for customers
Focus on customer satisfaction and provide perfect after-sales service and professional technical support
Zhangguanjia service

Zhangguanjia provides customers with professional consulting, implementation, training and support services, and timely solves various problems encountered by customers in use

Service Items Service content Response time
Service hotline National unified customer service hotline 400-021-3600 30Respond in minutes
5 * 8-hour network online support service
Service outlets Provide national after-sales service network 5 * 8 hours

Zhangguanjia provides customers with a complete set of standardized and scientific system implementation scheme to ensure the successful implementation of the system

Service Items Service items and standards remarks
Implementation preparation Provide system implementation preparation services, formulate implementation schedule, and provide customers with server environment suggestions Private cloud customer needs
Build environment Build a server running environment for customers and install the basic software required by the Zhangguanjia system
Data preparation Assist customers to prepare basic data required for system operation, including organizational structure, process configuration, seal type, seal information, document type and other data All customers
Interface research If you want to conduct data docking with the third-party system and provide secondary development or technical support, assist the user to sort out the scope of docking and provide docking suggestions and schemes Customer needs for interfacing with OA system
Software installation Chapter installation of housekeeper platform software and app Private cloud customer needs
Hardware installation Installation of intelligent seal hardware equipment ll customers
System training According to different positions, do targeted system use training, including printer, reviewer, system administrator, etc
Product acceptance Prepare system process and final acceptance materials, coordinate customers for acceptance, and sign acceptance report Private cloud customer needs
technical support Solve the problems encountered by customers in the process of using Zhangguanjia software and intelligent hardware All customers
Customer care Understand users' usage through return visit and telephone communication, and give different service care according to the usage
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