ZhangGuanJia—a smart seal management project
ZhangGuanJia is a project of seal risk management.Through the combination of "software platform + smart terminal", to realize a closed-loop management of the entire process of seal use.
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Chapter Steward is providing solutions for various industries, fully applicable to various seal management scenarios
Construction engineering industry
Manufacturing industry
Real estate industry
Energy industry
Construction engineering industry
Zhangguanjia - seal intelligent management solution has been applied in many construction enterprises, and many super class and first-class construction enterprises have been fully deployed to comprehensively supervise the seals of their subsidiary c
Customer Case
  • 中国建筑
  • 中国铁建
  • 中国交建
  • 宝业集团
  • 广西建工
  • 大元集团
  • 中天集团
  • 南通三建
  • 中电建路桥
  • 中核集团
  • 中国中铁
  • 中国建材
  • 中国能建
Manufacturing industry
Zhangguanjia - seal intelligent management solution has been applied in many manufacturing enterprises, including the world's top 500, China's top 500, listed companies, etc.Manufacturing enterprises usually have many R & D centers, factories, subsidiaries and offices, with large business volume, and have high demand for intelligent transformation.Chapter housekeeper helps manufacturing enterprises build an integrated seal management platform, master the use of seals in all branches, achieve effective control and develop more steadily.
Customer Case
  • 中兴通讯
  • 大华股份
  • 五粮浓香
  • 中信泰富特钢
  • 首钢集团
  • 宝胜股份
  • 欣旺达
  • 施耐德电气
  • 得力集团
  • 亿嘉和
  • 至纯科技
  • 山河智能
Real estate industry
Zhangguanjia - seal smart management solution has been applied in many real estate enterprises. Many top 100 real estate enterprises have joined hands with Zhangguanjia to strengthen seal risk control for group headquarters, urban companies and real estate project departments.The real estate industry is a typical capital intensive industry, which has the characteristics of long development cycle, large capital scale and rapid market change, and has high requirements for risk control.Zhangguanjia helps real estate enterprises control the key link of seal management, strengthen contract management, control business risks, support faster and better decision-making and enhance competitiveness.
Customer Case
  • 中南集团
  • 荣盛控股
  • 旭辉集团
  • 首创置业
  • 路劲地产
  • 上海城开
  • 俊发集团
  • 新力地产
  • 中锐地产
  • 汉华产业集团
Energy industry
Zhangguanjia - seal intelligent management solution has been applied in many energy enterprises. Many world top 500, China top 500 and listed companies have joined hands with Zhangguanjia to promote the digital intelligent transformation of seal management in the energy industry.Energy enterprises generally involve multiple upstream and downstream industries, with branch offices in many places, frequent business and large printing volume. Such enterprises have higher management needs in operation management and risk control.Zhangguanjia helps energy enterprises bring physical seals into intelligent management, realize real feedback and effective management of front-end seal use, better adapt to the management needs of large production scale, and inject new power into digital intelligence for enterprises.
Customer Case
  • 陕煤集团
  • 华润电力
  • 金风科技
  • 特变电工
  • 晶科电力
  • 京能集团
  • 爱旭股份
  • 蒙泰集团
  • 满世集团
They choose ZhangGuanJia
China Power Construction Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd
Wu Yanna
Seal administrator of general manager's Office
At present, the group, subsidiary companies and project departments have fully launched the seal housekeeper. The group headquarters can easily access the seal details of the project department, and strengthen the seal control as a whole.In particular, when sealing, the smart seal and contract of the seal keeper must be within the shooting range, and the equipment will automatically print, which improves the safety of seal use.
Capital real estate Beijing Co., Ltd
Liu Xinxin
Administrative Manager
The integrated solution formed by the intelligent terminal of chapter housekeeper and the management platform makes the seal management and use of our enterprise more safe and convenient.Through system connection, leaders can realize remote monitoring of branch seals on OA.When the seal is taken out, the Zhangguanjia helps the management personnel supervise and control the risk online, and there is no need to send personnel to accompany and seal, which provides great convenience for us.
real estate
Why would you choose ZhangGuanJia
Basaltic defense system
Full automatic sealing, remote authorization, one seal and one code technology
Continuously innovative solutions
Continuous R & D and innovation, exceed the expected product experience, and the software is updated iteratively every month
Perfect after-sales service
The exclusive one-to-one service consultant supports 7 * 24-hour hotline service
Third party recognition and trust
Certified by the Safety Inspection Institute of the Ministry of public security, smart manufacturing Award.Invention patents in the field of intelligent seal have been applied by thousands of enterprises. (Patent No.: zl201710731693.5)
Open a safe and efficient intelligent seal management mode, from now on!
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