Manufacturing industry solutions
Manufacturing enterprises usually have many R & D centers, factories, subsidiaries and offices, with large business volume, and have high demand for intelligent transformation.Chapter housekeeper helps manufacturing enterprises build an integrated seal management platform, master the use of seals in branches across the region, and develop more steadily.
challenges faced by seal management in manufacturing industry
There are many branches and seals are difficult to control
Large manufacturing enterprises usually integrate R & D, manufacturing and sales. They need to set up branches, marketing companies, offices, R & D centers, logistics centers, etc. it is difficult for the group headquarters to master the use of seals of many branches.
Supply chain management lacks printing links
Procurement management is an important part of manufacturing enterprises. Enterprises usually form a supply chain management system together with logistics and transportation.Among them, there are many and complex scenarios that need to be printed, such as signing in different places, signing in and out of goods, etc.The traditional printing method is difficult to effectively control the printing situation in different places and outside areas, and the printing situation is also difficult to be accurately fed back.
Inefficient centralized seal control
The headquarters of some manufacturing enterprise groups coexist with factories to build large industrial parks.Even if many functional departments gather together, it is still not easy to seal. The approval is slow, time-consuming and difficult to coordinate.A large number of seal use, audit and recording work also bring great pressure to the seal administrator.
Integrated management of branch seals
The seal housekeeper adds "intelligent lock" to the traditional entity seal, which is connected to the management platform, so that the seal can be controlled remotely and in real time. The whole process monitoring records before, during and after the seal are made, and the responsibilities and rights are clear to control the seal risk.The manufacturing enterprise can establish a global seal security network through the seal manager, and the seals of all branches are managed and authorized online, safe and traceable.
Risk control of seal out
The smart seal of the seal keeper cannot be used without authorization. For example, when a purchaser signs a contract with a seal, he can only seal the approved documents to ensure the compliant use of the seal.When printing, the system monitors the records in the whole process and automatically uploads them to the platform.The administrator can synchronously check the seal person, time, place, times and file images.When important documents need to be sealed, the remote seal function of the seal housekeeper allows leaders to operate the seal remotely through smart phones thousands of miles away, just like visiting the site in person.
System integration to improve digital intelligence management
Chapter 6 housekeeper management platform can be connected with third-party systems, such as OA, ERP, etc.Manufacturing enterprises can integrate the seal housekeeper system with business management software and procurement management system, increase the visual management of offline signing links, obtain accurate seal data, and support follow-up tracking of performance.Sealed documents related to logistics and goods can also be consulted at any time.
Create a self-service Printing Service Center
Zhangguanjia helps manufacturing enterprises build a "self-service seal service center" in the headquarters park to promote employees' self-service seal use and realize 24-hour unattended self-service.Through a series of supporting facilities such as intelligent seal, printing workbench and intelligent seal cabinet, after online approval, employees can take, seal and return seals by themselves, and the whole process is within the monitoring range.With the assistance of the seal keeper, the seal administrator can fully grasp the seal inventory, reduce the "seal" work and strengthen the audit and management.
scheme advantages
Many manufacturing enterprises operate well
ZTE, Coca Cola, Schneider Electric, Shougang Group, Dahua shares, Xinwangda and other world top 500, China top 500 and listed companies have deployed Zhangguanjia to promote digital intelligence transformation.
Technological innovation has been widely recognized by the market
Zhang housekeeper's software and hardware products adhere to innovation and continuous iteration, have a number of core patents, have served more than 1000 large and medium-sized enterprises, and have been widely recognized by the market.
Assist manufacturing enterprises to better build handheld factories
Chamberlain Zhang strengthened the integration and control of the management process of the manufacturing enterprise. Through the collection and processing of printing data in all links, the information transmission was more timely and the operation was more transparent, so as to lay a good foundation for the intelligent management of the palm factory.
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