Current situation of seal use
Many seals
There are many kinds and quantities of seals. It is easy to be confused if they are engraved and destroyed only by manual management
Seal dispersion
Subsidiaries and offices are all over the country or the world, and the use of seals in other places is unknown
Seal outer belt
Industrial and commercial banks, tax authorities, Party A's requirements, etc. need to bring seals. The seals are in an unsupervised state, with huge risks
Illegal use of seal
The seal user has no intention of negligence or malpractice for personal gain, and seals unauthorized documents
Contract confusion
There are many documents, so it is difficult to find out the document contract quickly
Zhangguanjia- Seal Smart Management Solution
Based on Internet of things technology and Mobile Internet technology, it adopts the combination of intelligent hardware + management platform + APP
Automatic and convenient intelligent seal adopts one seal and one code technology to support remote-controlled intelligent seal
The management platform records the whole process of seal use, generates seal use track, monitors seal status in real time and counts seal use
Use app to apply for, approve, intelligently seal, view the seal image and seal use track
Control the business
Zhangguanjia implements information feedback to assist decision-making through decision-making, and finally achieves the purpose of controlling enterprise business risk
Stealth technology
The flip technology is adopted to hide the chapter surface
Remote seal
Remote control seal, can control the whole process without being present
One sealing, one QR code
The unique QR code for each seal cannot be copied
Separation of man and seal
The seal is automatically stamped without manual pressing
Programme value
Solve the difficulties and risks of using seals in other places and taking seals out
Greatly improve the efficiency of seal use in the field business of each subsidiary company
Save chapter management cost
Strengthen seal safety control
Fake seal control
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