The official seal is outside to prevent private cover, and the seal is used as a steward

Strictly prevent seal risks

95 %

Risk of seal use

Intelligent stamp management, the whole
recording process of using stamps and stamp within
tolerance, strict precautions to steal cover, cover private,
to avoid the "human chapter"

50 %

Out-of-band printing cost

The seal is taken to another place for use,
accompanied by a special person to delay the job, and there is a
risk of "personal seal", and remote
seals can be used to reduce business trips with "chapters"

64 %

Increased printing efficiency

Headquarters centralized management and control, affect the overall
use efficiency and India, combined with intelligent pipe
control means, it will sink into the chop sub
branch agencies to improve the efficiency of the use of seals

90 %

Document checking efficiency

To cover technical assistance through the file tamper-proof seal who
carried out examination seal the file, and the file stamped audit to ensure
consistent batch file, greatly improve document verification

Intelligent integrated seal management platform

Through the software platform + smart hardware, the traditional seal is turned into a smart seal, and the entire process of using the seal and the content of the seal are recorded, effectively preventing the risk of using the seal

Brand Dynamics

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More than 1,300 customers have chosen Chapter Steward, covering 15 industries

  • Chinese Architecture
  • China Railway Construction
  • China Communications Construction
  • CITIC Group
  • China Everbright Bank
  • Didi Travel
  • ZTE
  • Zhaopin Recruitment
  • Hunting
  • Coca Cola
  • Shaanxi Coal Group
  • CITIC Pacific Special Steel
  • Shougang Group
  • Yuanda Properties
  • Dahua shares
  • Zhongnan Group
  • Baoye Group
  • Guangxi Construction Engineering
  • Tianyuan Group
  • Dayuan Group
  • Zhongtian Group
  • Rongsheng Holdings
  • CIFI Group
  • Beijing Capital Land
  • Road King Real Estate
  • China Resources Power
  • Five grains of aroma
  • Neptune Group
  • Goldwind Technology
  • TBEA
  • Baosheng shares
  • Jinko Power
  • Xinwangda
  • Zhongtong Express
  • Jingneng Group
  • Schneider Electric
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